Congratulations! You’ve discovered a non-BS guide to establishing authority on the internet and making 6 figures selling your skills, services and products.

I wrote this article because I feel a lot of frustration when I see gifted people wasting their time and talent, “not knowing the right way.” If you’re one of those people, this post will teach you enough to start implementing ASAP.

Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Successful marketing funnels involve these 3 core elements:

  • Identifying an ideal customer
  • Creating a desired product/service
  • Creating a profitable marketing funnel (we’ll discuss this in finer detail)

Identifying your ideal customer

When people ask me for advice the first question is usually something like, “Hey man, which ad objective works best to get clients?” or, “Which kind of pictures are more attractive?”

Honestly? All these things DON’T MATTER FOR SH*T if you don’t know who you are selling to.

The most important part of any marketing campaign is figuring out the needs, pains, dreams and nightmares of your ideal customer.

  • What keeps your customers up at night?
  • What’s their #1 struggle in life/business?
  • What would make their lives easier?
  • What are their biggest aspirations and dreams in life?

You may have heard about this before, but have you heard about real exercises you can use to find out more about your ideal customer, and implement as soon as today?


I will give you 2, actually. They’re simple but need special focus and attention.

Exercise #1

Go to Amazon and find books related to your industry. They can be marketing, consultancy, sales training, copywriting or even dog walking.

Next, find books related to your niche and start reading the reviews.

As you scroll through the comments, you’ll see things that you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

The comments are written by real people who are giving their 120% honest answers about whether they liked the book or not, and why.

Exercise #2

Go sign up for a free account at Mailchimp or Wufoo. Then create a survey of 6-7 questions.

Grab that link and send it to all of your past clients and people who are in the category of your ideal customer.

You should ask 2 types of questions: psychological and everyday stuff.

Here are some of the psychological questions you may want to ask them:

  • What is your #1 concern in business/life right now?
  • If you achieved X result, what would it really mean to you? How would it change your life?
  • What have you tried to solve problem X? Has it been effective?
  • What’s your biggest purpose in life? What are your values?

These questions will help you understand the deepest desires, motivations, and struggles of your ideal client. Without knowing these, you’ll never be able to come up with the right service or product.

The answers you get will help you write better copy and make people more emotional/aware of their problems.

These questions are more based on lifestyle:

  • What are your top 3 favorite books?
  • What are your hobbies? (i.e fishing, collecting Barbie dolls, reading etc.)
  • Are you subscribed to magazines/newsletters? Which ones?
  • Do you follow any public figures?

Answers to these questions will help you determine the natural habitat of your ideal client. This makes a HUGE difference when it’s time to target your customers on Facebook.

If you know their interests, then you can put them on down in Facebook’s targeting tool.

Put these in a single questionnaire form (should be about 7-8 questions) and send it out to your survey list. You can even promise something of value in return for a response (a quick consultation, free eBook or gift cards).

Whatever you give those people in exchange for their answers, it’s worth every penny because you’ll gain something that’s worth a lot more… an understanding of your ideal customer.

Creating the desired product/service

When I hear, “I already know what I need to sell to my customers” on my consultation calls, all I hear is, “I already know what I WANT to sell my customers.”

There is a clear difference between “need” and “want.”

I’ll avoid a 10 paragraph rant, but this is very important. You can have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if your product is not desired, it won’t sell. Basic economics.

Here are some of the services and products I have seen selling well (remember, you need to find something ideal for YOUR industry and clients):

  • Consultation calls. You can charge thousands and even tens of thousands if you deliver the value.
  • Mastermind coaching. Usually involves a paid group of like minded people under the leadership of an advanced mentor (i.e. you).
  • A system to do XYZ. If you’ve discovered a clear way to achieve something, and you can teach it to somebody else via videos, webinars or even one-on-one coaching, an info product is perfect.
  • Done-for-you service. This is actually my favorite type of service because you can charge high, premium prices and create a real connection with your clients.

Creating a profitable marketing funnel

Marketing funnel creation isn’t rocket science but needs to be executed perfectly. In this chapter, I’ll lay out the strategy I personally use when working with clients.

The funnel is divided into 3 parts

  • Create an effective ad and choose your targeting
  • Build a highly optimized landing page
  • Host your webinar/online training using a 3rd party platform

Create effective ads and choose your targeting

First of all, there is no “one size fits all” ad script or design.

In marketing, you need to keep testing to achieve the desired result.

Nonetheless, there is a certain script that I like to stick to when creating my ads.

Ad copy

This script is what I call the “anatomy of a perfect ad”.

Line 1 – Qualifying question

Line 2 – Mixing scarcity, authority and describing the product

Line 3 – Adding an unexpected bonus

Line 4 – Calling them to take action

Let’s create a sample ad for Sarah who is a relationship counselor.

Line 1 – Do you feel as though obstacles “just keep coming up” in your relationships?

Line 2 – For a limited time only [scarcity], I’m holding a workshop on how you can determine the major obstacles in a relationship and overcome them painlessly. This method has helped over a 100 [authority] couples live a more enjoyable and peaceful life!

Line 3 – Moreover, I’ll reveal 5 techniques to calm the storm and make sure your argument doesn’t erupt into a bigger conflict.

Line 4 – If you value your relationships and are willing to work on improving them [qualifying them], this is a training you cannot miss [authority]. Sign-up here :

As you can see, in this ad we tried to convey 1 single idea of “learn how to pinpoint major relationship obstacles” + sweetened the deal with the “5 techniques,” making sure they’ll also get something very specific.

Ad creative

My favorite tool to use when creating pictures for my ads is Canva. This platform is super easy to use and is absolutely free!

Generally, I recommend my clients use 2 types of pictures: stock and with text.

See, there is no guarantee or study which clearly shows that stock pictures outperform the pictures with text, and vice versa.

Just like with the ad copy and almost everything else, you’ll need to test to find the best option.

Lets now look at some ad images:

From these 2 pictures, which one do you think has outperformed the other? Is it the first one?

It clearly has my face on it which grabs the attention (cause I am so cute) + it has clear text on it.

How could you think that 2nd picture stands a chance? Just a bunch of fricking notebooks on the table, right?

Well, the 2nd picture won, by miles.


No clue.

Test multiple images. See which one performs the best. Pause the rest and run the successful one only.

The key to success here is to execute Step 1 and do research on your audience. If you know the way your audience speaks and lives their day-to-day lives, then you’ve done 60% of the job already.

Now, you just need to create an effective ad and set up the right targeting. I’ll be covering these two in more detail in future blog posts since these are huge and I can speak about them for hours.

For now, remember this: speak the language of your audience and address their biggest pains, desires, and dreams.

Build a highly optimized landing page

To build a landing page, you don’t have to be a tech genius. You simply need to know how to use basic “drag-and-drop” and sign up for the software of your choice.

I recommend Leadpages or Clickfunnels.

There are several key elements that go into creating a successful landing page:

  • Clear, benefit-driven headline (Discover How to Do “X” Even if You Are Not “Y” or “Z”)
  • Scarcity and sign of social proof (The seats are limited, so sign-up now!) or (This training has helped over 130 people to do“X”)
  • Media to make the page look a bit more colorful (images, videos, icons etc)
  • The call to action you place on the button (“Send me my book NOW!” or “Reserve My Spot”)

Hosting your webinar/online training on a 3rd party platform

This is the last step in your money-making funnel. You just record your online training/webinar and then host it on a platform like WebinarJam or StealthWebinars.

I personally prefer WebinarJam because it’s super easy to use and I can pay annually, but you can explore other webinar platforms.

Hosting your webinar/online training consists of providing people with good and useful information and then pitching them an actual product or strategy session where you get to speak with them over the phone and see if it makes sense for you to work together.

Recording the webinar might sound intimidating at first, but it’s easy if you do everything step by step.

Step 1. Determine the title of your webinar

Step 2. Open Powerpoint and create slides for your presentation (can be anywhere from 10 to 50 slides)

Step 3. Record your screen as you are giving the presentations on Powerpoint

Step 4. Save and upload to the webinar software


As you can see, Facebook marketing works for coaches and consultants. It’s just about putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. and in case some of you want to replicate the same success, contact me.

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