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Have you ever wondered what makes the TOP 1% of business owners and consultants go 10X faster than everyone else?
Perhaps faster than you?

Answer: Personal Mentoring and Accountability.

Our best clients realize that to get results fast, you need to accelerate your learning AND doing by working with a mentor who’s been there and done it hundreds of times before.

When I first started, I made tons of mistakes. Some of these mistakes were so bad I’m actually lucky my business survived them: Wanting to do everything on my own, trying to pave the path for my consulting business and repeating the same mistakes because I didn’t have a proven plan to rely on…

But when I stopped being so stubborn and decided to work smart, not hard, my results skyrocketed. Soon, I started getting booked as a speaker and recognized as the voice in my industry. Clients came knocking on my doors like never before, and very soon, my business grew to a 6-figure level.

As I look back on it, at the time, it seemed insane to have goals this big. But it was a step by step progression… First you have to walk – before you run – before you fly.

Here are exactly two things that helped me grow my business:

1. Get a Mentor
Most people have the “I’ll grind it out” mentality and tell themselves, “It’s okay if it takes longer. I’ll just enjoy the journey.”

This mindset sounds good on paper, but in reality, people who follow it suffer greatly. I remember I was clocking in 50-60 hour weeks and burning money on ineffective marketing strategies. I was so stressed I was nearing a nervous breakdown.

Nothing fun about that.

Everything changed as soon I hired a Mentor who told me exactly what I had to do, and most importantly, what mistakes I needed to avoid!

Very soon, I was enjoying my life because I was working smart and not just hard.

My finances, health, and personal relationships all improved because I was getting results.

Getting a Mentor played a pivotal moment in my transformation and gave me an answer to such difficult question as:


How do you charge premium prices for your services?

How do you not waste your time and instead, connect with the decision makers fast?
Which marketing strategies will finally work for your business?
How do you sell your value in a congruent and soulful way, so you don’t get burned out?
These and many other questions will pop up for as long as you’re running your business.

After coaching hundreds of clients, I’ve developed the exact systems and strategies you can plug into your business without having to do any of the expensive and stressful guesswork.

2. Access to Exact System and Strategies
Client-Attraction systems
Authentic Content and PR strategies
Networking you’ll actually enjoy
Stories that prospects can’t resist
You can gain direct access to all of these practically overnight with a proven Mentor.

PLUS, you will get to join our amazing Community of Speakers, Experts and Consultants, so that your work is fun and engaging again.

Whether you’re looking to breakthrough to your first six figures or you want to go to 7-figures in your business, this community is perfect for you.

Most experts and entrepreneurs are lonely, and don’t have a circle of friends with the same goals and dreams. By joining our community, you’ll get all the love, support, and encouragement you need to grow your business.

If you are a giver and you want to be part of one of the best mentoring communities on the planet, then apply now and we’ll discuss how you might become our next BIG client success story.


What will happen to your business dreams and goals in 12 months? Will you be living your dream business lifestyle or still be stuck looking for answers?

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