So I’ve been seeing an increasing number of coaches, consultants and other service providers trying to figure out the “Facebook Ads” puzzle. I feel like it’s my duty to address this – I want to make sure I only see high-quality ads in my feed from now on!

In this post, I’ll talk in-depth about creating THE PERFECT AD if you’re a coach, consultant, strategist or any other service provider.

IMPORTANT: I don’t claim this blueprint is the best. It’s been building my clients 6 figures though.

Without any further ado, let’s get into it.



What do you think is the most important part of the ad?

Is it the image?

Perhaps it’s the copy?

Maybe, it’s an actionable headline?

The truth is, it’s a blend of all: image, copy, and a benefit-driven headline.

I can speak about each of these for hours and create 25 more blog posts but you are not trying to become a Facebook Marketing prodigy, are you?

You “just want to know what works” and that’s cool. I will give you what you need.

So, an ad consists of these 3 important elements:

  • The Image
  • The  copy (text above the image)
  • The headline

Each one of these has its own role and needs to be on point to make the ad work.

Without going into too much detail, though, here is THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE I will ever give you: make your ads relevant to your audience.

Why? Because an ad is not just a LEGO construction that you put together out of “building blocks”.

A perfect ad needs to flow without any effort and convey an important message which must result in the person clicking – taking action.

I will be elaborating on this idea as we dissect each of these 3 elements.

PLUS, for each ad element I’ll show you clear examples, so it’s not just theory-talk.


So why am I starting with the image first?

Because that’s the first thing that the Facebook users notice on their newsfeed.

The goal of the image is to grab the attention of your readers, period.

Not pitch them.

Not “pre-frame” them for the sale.

Just make them stop.

Here is the most frequent question I get asked like 12 times a day:

“Nazim, should I use pictures with text or just blank stock pictures?”

My answer?


I’ve seen stupid stock photos of babies making bubbles out-performing sophisticated ads with well-planned captions by MILES.

I’ve also seen images with texts out-performing stock pictures because they delivered more information and captivated their audiences better.

The reality is, you need to get your hands dirty and test.

To make it super simple, though… DO THIS:

Take 1 picture with text and 1 stock picture.

Test them by running them in separate ad sets and measure the results.

The main metric you want to look at is “cost per result”, whether it’s signing-up for a webinar, reading an article or downloading a lead magnet.

Also, keep an eye on stats like CTR and CPM.

Hint: if your CTR is high and CPM is low then the image is resonating with your audience and vice versa.

Here is a good example of what your split-test could look like


The goal of your ad copy is to convey a message.

See, the job of an ad image is to grab the attention of the reader… whether they’ll click on the ad or not is, for the most part, the job of the copy and headline.

How do we write copy that conveys the message effectively, though?

That’s a good question. It goes back to the idea of “making your ad relevant to your audience.”

See, when people see your ad image, they pause. From there, you only have a few seconds to pursue them and have them resonate with your message. The way to do this is get the “That’s me!” reaction from your readers.

When they click on your ad, they must think that’s it’s almost as though the ad has been tailored to address their needs, wants and goal (hint: it has been).

By doing this, you are letting your reader know that you know the emotions and obstacles they are going through at the moment.

So, the key here is to first write EMOTIONALLY ENGAGING AND RELEVANT COPY and to do that, you need to know their:

  • Pains
  • Dreams
  • Motivators
  • Desires
  • What keeps them up at nights

Second, you need to have an irresistible offer. Something that will be of particular interest to them.

It could be a:

  • Blog post
  • PDF report
  • eBook
  • Checklist
  • Webinar
  • Podcast recording
  • Template

DON’T FORGET: The name of the game is RELEVANCY.

You can have the most amazing eBook… hell, it can fart rainbows. But unless it’s relevant, interesting and resonant to your audience, you’ll be wasting your time.

“But Nazim, where is the long promised TEMPLATE?”

Easy there… I’m getting there.

See, 95% of people are just looking for the “perfect template” that will make them tons of cash. They don’t realize though that 80% OF SUCCESS is in the context. You can achieve this only with thorough market research.

So, I recommend that you do your market research and figure out what emotions, pains, and goals are driving your client.

Alright… TEMPLATE TIMES! As I promised, here is the STE=BY=STEP template I myself use for the 6-figure businesses I work with.

  • Qualifying question
  • Mixing scarcity, authority and description the product
  • Adding an unexpected bonus
  • Calling on them to take action

Let’s create a sample ad for Sarah who is a relationship counselor.

Line 1 – Do you feel as though obstacles just “keep coming up” in your relationships?

Line 2 – For a limited time only [scarcity], I’m holding a workshop on how you can determine the major obstacles in a relationship and overcome them painlessly. This method has helped over a 100 couples live a more enjoyable and peaceful life!

Line 3 – Moreover, I’ll reveal 5 techniques to calm the storm and make sure your argument doesn’t erupt into a bigger conflict.

Line 4 – If you value your relationships and are willing to work on improving them [qualifying them], this is a training you cannot miss [authority]. Sign up here :

This is a good template because it includes the followings:

  • Qualifying the readers right from the start
  • Using emotional copy, addressing pains, fears, and frustrations
  • Calling them to take action
  • Showing social proof

Here is another example of an actual ad that has generated over 6 figures in sales

As you can see it does all of the following:

  • Qualifying the readers right from the start – “Calling for all ambitious female entrepreneurs and business women”
  • Using emotional copy, addressing pains, fears, and frustrations – speaking about “promotion they deserve”, “being the favorite” and “being appreciated by people”
  • Calling them to take action – “Find out here” + shortened link
  • Showing social proof – “Helped hundreds of business women” (actually helped, not a made up number)

Use this blueprint and tailor it according to your service BUT DON’T FORGET… always make it relatable to your audience.


The goal of the image is to grab people’s attention.

The goal of the copy is to deliver your message.


That’s it.

Your headline doesn’t have to look pretty or “aesthetic”.

It just needs to deliver enough benefit and call to action for people to click on the damn ad. Here are a few samples that I use in my ads:

  • [Attention Coaches and Consultants] – How to Attract New Clients As Soon as Next Week

  • Tired of Nothing Having Enough Clients? Stop it NOW
  • [Online Training for Consultants] – 3 Steps to Having Fewer Clients and Higher Prices

Here are 2 things you need to state in your headline: kind of offer and benefit.

For example, it can be a podcast on how to charge higher prices. Then, it would sound something like:

[Free Podcast] – How to Charge What You Are Worth

If’s a short eBook on how 10 social media hacks to grow your brand, then it would be:

[FREE eBook] – 10 Social Media Hacks to Grow Your Brand

You get the idea.


To wrap things up, I just want  to give you advice that I give to all people I consult or work with


We have helped dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners to scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures in sales. 
We do this by driving Facebook/Youtube ads traffic to Marketing Funnels that convert.